[Beowulf] tools for cluster event logging?

Huw Lynes lynesh at cardiff.ac.uk
Tue Nov 25 10:56:07 PST 2008

On Tue, 2008-11-25 at 10:19 -0800, David Mathog wrote:
> What would be a good tool for logging cluster specific messages, and
> nothing else, on a single server?  The purpose of this is to let
> computer nodes send messages like "node XXX hardware failure, shutting
> down", or "node xxx, boot sequence completed" messages to a central
> repository.  But I do not want any other messages logged to the
> repository from the clients.
> I suppose syslog could be used for this, but the trick would be to
> choose a facility/priority for it such that nothing other than the
> desired cluster messages was ever sent.  In other words, something
> like:
> logger -p cluster.info "this is a cluster message"
> Unfortunately there is no "cluster" facility, and I do not know
> which one of the 20 or so defined facilities (auth, authpriv... local7)
> will never be used by some other part of the client OS.

If you use syslog-ng as your central syslog server you can filter
messages based on strings. So if you preface all your cluster messages
with CLUSTER_MESSAGE or somesuch you can filter them to a custom
destination which can be a log file or a command, or both.

for examples see:

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