[Beowulf] What class of PDEs/numerical schemes suitable for GPU clusters

Prentice Bisbal prentice at ias.edu
Fri Nov 21 16:47:23 PST 2008

Franz Marini wrote:
>>> The distinction between Tesla and GeForce cards is that the former have
>>> no display output, they usually have more ram, and (but I'm not sure
>>> about this one) they are clocked a little lower.
>> both NV and ATI have always tried to segment "professional graphics"
>> into a higher-margin market.  this involves tying the pro drivers to 
>> features found only in the pro cards.
> True, although, as far as I remember, the only real distinction between 
> Quadro and GeForce cards are hardware support for antialiased lines which
> is present in the former (I could be wrong though, and there may be some
> more substantial differences)...

The Quadro cards above a certain level (280 NVS or 580 NVS, I think - I 
never could keep track of model 3's) could do hardware stereo 3D 
graphics, which the Computational Chem/Molecular Modeling folks love, a 
d happily pay extra for it. The other nvidia model lines do not have 
this capability.


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