[Beowulf] What class of PDEs/numerical schemes suitable for GPU clusters

Gerry Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Thu Nov 20 10:40:27 PST 2008

Mark Hahn wrote:
>> Ellis, I can't say re. the Firestream cards, but for Nvidia the answer 
>> is a
>> resounding yes.
> AMD had some PR recently (check the reg and inq) about supporting their 
> stream stuff across the whole product line, including chipset-integrated
> gpus.  that seems intelligent, given that lines between CPU and GPU are 
> obviously blurring in the future (Larrabee, Fusion, etc).
> IMO, it would be crazy to invest too much in the current gen of gp-gpu 
> programming stuff.  doing some pilot stuff with both vendors probably
> makes sense, but the field really does need OpenCL to succeed.  I hope 
> the OpenCL people are not too OpenGL-ish, and realize that they need to 
> target SSE and SSE512 as well.

Also, Portland Group is working to make their compilers work with CUDA 
programming methods

>> Virtually any recent card can run CUDA code. If you Google you can get a
>> list of compatible cards.
> not that many NVidia cards support DP yet though, which is probably 
> important to anyone coming from the normal HPC world...  there's some 
> speculation that NV will try to keep DP as a market segmentation feature 
> to drive HPC towards high-cost Tesla cards, much as vendors have 
> traditionally tried to herd high-end vis into 10x priced cards.

Ah, but the GLX280 does...

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