[Beowulf] Getting started on parallelization

Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Sun Nov 16 17:55:57 PST 2008

Hi Cesar,

Before doing the hard work of parallellization, do some big efforts  
of figuring out which methods are there
to speedup your calculation in algorithmic manner.

Find all software that's doing what you are after and find experts  
there and talk to the guys;
the reality is in every world of computation that what you find on the
net is just enough for a beginners level usually; only when really  
digging hard you can find the
very best, if that's at the net somewhere anyway; even when you see  
source code of something that performs well,
the theories behind it and tiny details implemented you might miss  
not knowing the reasons behind the choices taken.

In general a lot of algorithms out of the past get total hammered  
down by newer ones which have total other parallel
capabilities usually (much harder to parallellize sometimes) and  
eating up a lot more RAM usual;
publications simply are never accurate as the guys can make money  
with something that works better, and most publications get done by  
persons who have an expertise grade of just 4 years, which usually is  
not even enough to know all existing
public theory. Let alone that those who make money will give away  
their secrets/ideas
nor get paid for publishing ideas.

There is a lot known out there.


p.s. how does that feel being a Colombian getting more trade access  
to USA?

On Nov 14, 2008, at 5:07 AM, Cesar Andres Polindara Lopez wrote:

> Hi to all.
> I have developed a finite element model for the simulation of  
> poroelastic materials. The model requires the implementation of a  
> time integration scheme (also known as step by step algorithms)  
> hence iterations are performed. For each iteration I have to solve  
> a linear system of equations so I have to calculate the inverse of  
> a matrix and then execute a multiplication. I'm trying to see if  
> there's any chance to parallelize my code.
> I'm just getting started on the subject of parallelization and I  
> would appreciate if anyone can give me a clue where to begin. I'm  
> not quite sure what would be the best strategy to solve my problem.
> César.
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