[Beowulf] "Code" vs. "Codes"

Eric Moore eemoore at fyndo.com
Mon Mar 31 21:57:10 PDT 2008

Jon Forrest <jlforrest at berkeley.edu> writes:

> I appreciate everyone's comments so far, but please
> keep in mind that I only meant to comment on the
> use of "codes" (plural). The use of "code" in place
> of "program" feels normal.

>From the WWII German surrender documents at:


I found this:

  This German Flag Officer is to be accompanied by a Communications
  Officer who is familiar with the German Naval W/T organization and
  who is to bring with him the current naval communications Orders,
  including allocation of frequencies, list of W/T and R/T call signs
  in force, and a list of all codes and cyphers in use, and intended
  to be brought into use.

So certainly the use of "codes" as a plural for "code" was preexisting
in the English language by the time "code" became a synonym for
"program", so if "code" for "program" is accepted, there's no reason
to look to non-native speakers for "codes" for "programs".

(The surrender documents are not English translations of something in
German, they make the point several times that the English version is


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