[Beowulf] visualization machine

Geoff Jacobs gdjacobs at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 21:02:07 PDT 2008

Ricardo Reis wrote:
>  Hi all
>  I beg to take advantage of your experience although the topic isn't
> completly cluster thing. I got some money to buy a new machine, at least
> 8Gb and I'm thinking between a 2 x dual core or a 1 x quad (or even 2x
> quads). It must be one machine because it must (urgh) be able to use
> it's 8Gb in serial codes (don't ask). Anyway, I've been experiencing
> with paraview for parallel visualization and was wondering on your
> opinion on... buying a ultra-duper-cool state-of-the-art graphic card
> (Nvidia) or 2 graphic cards?
>  thanks for your time,
>  Ricardo Reis

No nvidia for me unless they open up driver specs. Open drivers have a
history of being very, very stable if not as fast. Nvidia does have good
drivers, but I have definitely seen them experience problems.

Geoffrey D. Jacobs

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