[Beowulf] bonic projects on a cluster

Ellis Wilson xclski at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 22 16:42:25 PDT 2008

I'm very interested to hear of some applications for
such loosely connected "clusters" such as boinc would
create.  My crappy 100mb connection is alright for the
few embarrassingly parallel applications I've applied
to it which do not have a large origin dataset, but
again, these are very few.  I would imagine the
connection (with hops and an even slower/less
dedicated interconnect at each hop) for boinc "nodes"
would be far worse.  I looked for examples on the
boinc site briefly, but cannot seem to find any.

Any notable embarrassingly parallel problems you all
have seen or worked with?  Sorry for my lack of
experience in this area.


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