[Beowulf] some tips on new cluster hardware

Guilherme Menegon Arantes garantes at iq.usp.br
Fri Mar 14 05:55:03 PDT 2008

Hi folks,

We are buindling a new baby and would like some tips on inexpensive
hardware. Any help is much appreciated:

1) Suggestions on MoBo's that support a 1333MHz FSB to plug Intel's
Q9450, with video and jumbo-frames capable Gigabit on-board;

2) NIC PCI Gigabit card, jumbo-frames capable (because I might be
asking too much on item 1);

3) 16-port Gigabit Switch, jumbo-frames capable, with Flow Control.

The most likely brands we can find here in Brazil are Intel, 3COM,
D-Link, BCM and TrendWare. 

Thanks a lot for your opinions/hints,



Guilherme Menegon Arantes, PhD       São Paulo, Brasil

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