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> Hi everyone,

Hi Cally,

> Is there some kinda tool to use, say if I want to see how much of memory
> is being used just for a rendering process.

You don't mention which O/S you're using, so I'm presuming
it's Linux based.  The Linux kernel memory accounting is,
umm, sub-optimal for this sort of stuff, to get an accurate
picture you probably want to look into something like exmap
which is both a kernel module and a user space program.

Ubuntu describes it as:

 Exmap is a memory analysis tool which allows you to accurately determine how
 much physical memory and swap is used by individual processes and shared
 libraries on a running system. In particular, it accounts for the sharing of
 memory and swap between different processes.

Help is at hand though - 2.6.25 will include [1] Matt Mackall's
page map patches [2] to improve the memory accounting in the kernel.

[1] - http://lwn.net/Articles/267849/
[2] - http://lwn.net/Articles/230975/

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