[Beowulf] Re: Building new cluster - estimate (Ivan Oleynik)

Maurice Hilarius maurice at harddata.com
Tue Jul 29 21:34:50 PDT 2008

Ivan Oleynik wrote:
> Maurice,
> Valuable information, thanks very much!
My pleasure.
>     If you wanted it stacked that way (performance order), then this
>     is more closely aligned (ascending):
>     ..
>     Notice how the performance ramp is pretty close to identical to
>     the price ramp?
>     That is not accidental.
> This is what I need to test using my codes.
That is the thing. No matter what anyone says, your codes are all that 
really  count.

Good luck with it.

BTW< where a lot of people are jumping on the "Get IPMI " bandwagon, I 
suggest getting PDUs with remote IP controlled ports is more useful.
More reliable, anyway.
I have seen too many cases where IPMI jams up.
If you set your machines BIOS to start on power up, it is trivial to 
stop and start machines with the PD U power, and that is definitely 
Plus , with a lot of those PDUs you can add thermal sensors and trigger 
power off on high temperature conditions.

With our best regards,

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