[Beowulf] Building new cluster - estimate

Ivan Oleynik iioleynik at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 20:42:16 PDT 2008

> Yes, I care about performance, but our previous experience with running our
>> mpi codes on TACC computers (Ranger, Barcelona 2.0 GHz) and Lonestar (Xeon
>> 5100 2.66GHz) is not in favor of AMD. They have recently upgraded Ranger
>> to
>> 2.3 GHz, I am going to run tests and report the results.
> I believe you, it's not a particularly useful data point though.  What
> compilers on each (intel's compiler favors intel for instance).  8 threads
> per core?  I believe the 2.0 GHz ranger CPUs were hamstrung by the patch to
> handle TLB in software.  Were these microbenchmarks?  Applications with
> smaller (grid or timesteps) data?  Applications will fullsize data?

Yes, intel compilers on both Intel and AMD. Again, I am not computer science
expert, therefore, do standard things: compile the mpi code and run using
mpirun which I assume should load 1 thread per core? My testing was done
using our codes applied to problems with dimensions far beyond of what we
usually run to get as much stress to the system as possible. But again, I
will rerun the tests during this weekend and will report results.

> In any case the last 2 clusters I bought (I've got 10 or so running
> currently) was single socket intel 45nm/12MB cache processors, and a dual
> socket barcelona.  Alas, one just shipped and one is scheduled to ship soon,
> neither are onsite.

Any suggestion for a good vendor?
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