[Beowulf] Building new cluster - estimate

Ivan Oleynik iioleynik at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 19:51:51 PDT 2008

>  wouldn't a 5100-based board allow you to avoid the premium of fbdimms?
>> May be I am wrong but I saw only FB-DIMMs options and assumed that we need
>> to wait for Nehalems for DDR3?
> 5100+ddr2 is perfectly viable.  fbdimms, after all, just a wrapper/extender
> that introduces more latency with the claim of higher capacity (they
> contain
> ddr2 or ddr3 inside the memory-buffer interface.)

Some info re specific motherboards with Intel 5400 chip set that support
DDR2 would be very welcome.

> but yes, if possible, I would wait for nehalem.  unfortunately, it's hard
> to guess when nehalem will actually ship for servers - recent rumors claim
> an early release, but I can't guess whether this is only for uni-socket
> machines or not.

Can not wait - have to spend the money till the end of September.
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