[Beowulf] Green Cluster?

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Mon Jul 21 12:47:07 PDT 2008

>> This is one instance where I wish the Federal government (and/or the
>> European Union) would get off its collective duff and set a standard
> ...
>> with this software when shipping a broken BIOS would result in fines.
> As a Libertarian, I will respectfully disagree :)

your reasoning, I think, is that the gov shouldn't be messing 
around with fine-grained regulation like that.  I'd argue that 
the gov should make it clear that the existing legal approach to 
product quality should apply to software and firmware as well.
one or two class-actions later and companies will take bios support
a lot more seriously.  (as seriously as, for instance, new product 
quality and fixes are taken in, say, the auto industry.  yes, people
can die when an auto component fails, but OTOH the cost is quite small
for a vendor to provide self-serve bugfixes to a motherboard bios...)

I voted Libertarian in college, but grew out of it ;)

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