Religious wars (was Re: [Beowulf] A press release)

Geoff Jacobs gdjacobs at
Mon Jul 21 12:45:48 PDT 2008

Robert G. Brown wrote:

> Special project number 113 in my list of special projects I'll never get
> to is to actually make xjove work, using gtk widgets, so that it no
> longer needs an xterm to function correctly.  And I'd really like to
> tweak its reformatting routines -- it sometimes gets overzealous,
> especially with email.  And its file recovery facility is terse to the
> point of being cryptic and could be a tiny bit warmer and fuzzier and
> nurturing.

There isn't anything wrong with a good xterm. By the way, you are
forgetting the other noteworthy 'j' CLI editors: jed and joe. You can't
do much better for less than a meg on either score.

I used and loved nedit for a long time, but eventually decided that we
would have to part. Nedit (or possibly lesstif) was glitching far more
than I considered proper. Right now I'm using Scite.


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