[Beowulf] Re: Religious wars

Perry E. Metzger perry at piermont.com
Mon Jul 21 11:48:19 PDT 2008

"Robert G. Brown" <rgb at phy.duke.edu> writes:
> On Mon, 21 Jul 2008, Jim Lux wrote:
>> Line numbers are handy when you get that
>> "syntax error in line 34 of file xyz.c"
> Well, in jove this is just Ctrl-X-N (next error), but in other languages
> or contexts, Ctrl-Shift-< (top of file) Esc 3 4 (repeat 34) Ctrl-N (down
> one line) is pretty easy, and moves you to precisely line 34.

emacs has that feature (in fact, that jove feature comes from emacs),
and I've already mentioned error(1) under BSD.

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