Religious wars (was Re: [Beowulf] A press release)

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Mon Jul 21 08:05:05 PDT 2008

If you go with vim (as I do), your faction with BellLabs/Unix/Berkely/C
Alliance for Salvation will go up, but with Stanford/MIT/LISP Empire of Evil
will go down. Be careful near their gates because the guards will aggro from
a mile away.
(Embrace the Editor of the Beast, vi vi vi)

On 7/21/08, Joe Landman <landman at> wrote:
> Robert G. Brown wrote:
>> On Mon, 21 Jul 2008, Joe Landman wrote:
>>  Rumor has it that C-c C-o C-f C-f C-e C-e instructs emacs to make you a
>>> cup of coffee. :^
>>> I personally want an editor without all these fancy things:  just syntax
>>> highlighting for C/C++/Perl/Bash/Tcsh/Fortran/config files, that has line
>>> numbers, and intelligent wrapping/splitting.  Can run from a GUI. Does split
>>> windows.
>>> gvim does all these things.  But you have to be very careful typing.
>>> Because it it vi.
>>> If Komodo had window splitting and intelligent wrapping, it would be
>>> good.
>>> I looked at kate, but it requires kde.
>>> pico/nano are ok, but they don't do line numbers, or split windows, or
>>> intelligent wrapping.
>> I don't know if it has all the features you want -- line numbers?  Ugh.
>> You must be coding in runes -- oh, wait, I mean Fortran;-) -- but you
> Hey, we have a fair number of current customers with Fortran needs.  It is
> not going away any time soon (didn't I say somethin bout them language
> wars?)
> I like line numbers to help me figure out if I have a really long line of
> text.  Most text editors do a poor job of handling this case, happily
> wrapping it, without telling you, so your key navigation across the long
> lines looks really funky.
> And back to the beowulf topic ...
> I seem to have discovered the issue I was running into last week.  Some
> sort of weird timing problem with MPI_Waitsome on OpenMPI with Infiniband
> (and shared memory).  I tested the IB stack and MPI stacks, and all report
> full functionality.  I can run MPI over the IB.  And it works well.  The
> problem is when I run this code which uses MPI_Waitsome for part of its
> algorithm.  With gigabit ethernet, it behaves well (under OpenMPI
> 1.2.7-rc2).  With  Infiniband, it does not.  Also the OpenMPI seems to get
> awfully confused if you have IPoIB enabled (mostly for diagnostics for the
> user).  Turning that off helped stability.
> Of course, since it was remote, I used vi (vim) as my editor.  And a little
> pico.
> This is a Fortran 9x code.  I added a few extra debugging bits around the
> troublesome MPI calls.  Nice to do remotely, hard to do with a remote gui
> over slower links.
> I may just give in, and go full force into VIM.  It is active, has lots of
> features, and I already know basic vi from use for years.  And its undo
> feature doesn't blow chunks.
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