[Beowulf] Green Cluster?

Perry E. Metzger perry at piermont.com
Mon Jul 21 06:19:24 PDT 2008

stephen mulcahy <smulcahy at aplpi.com> writes:
> We can reset the WOL flags and re-enable it on individual nodes, but
> unfortunately when the nodes are power-cycled, the WOL flag goes back
> to its default (off) state. Given the typical use case of WOL, it
> seems unfortunate that a power cycle resets it.

You might try the following:

Take a machine with the flag off. Dump /dev/cmos. Change ONLY the flag
in the BIOS, again dump /dev/cmos, and see if you can find where the
flag resides. You can then build a hackish script to set the flag on
machine boot.

Perry E. Metzger		perry at piermont.com

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