Religious wars (was Re: [Beowulf] A press release)

Joe Landman landman at
Mon Jul 21 04:59:24 PDT 2008

stephen mulcahy wrote:
> Joe Landman wrote:
>> Eeekk... return of the language wars.  They all have the same morphology
>> Person1:  "My language is better than yours"
>> Person2:  "Oh yeah?  At least I use a real OS, CP/M!"
>> and its downhill in a cascade of responses from there ...
> You probably edit your language with a terrible editor like emacs though


I could never get my head around emacs.  Or vi for that matter.

I wrote my thesis with nedit and used latex to compile it.  Yes, it had 
a makefile.  It took ~5 minutes to build on my PCs back then and about 1 
minute on the SGI Indy.  This was about 1995 or so, and that was the 
time I started using an old Redhat on my laptop.  Worked out pretty well 
as I remember.  Had nedit (and vi and emacs).

As nedit ( is dying from lack of interest, I am slowly 
looking around for programming editor that is as good.  Just an editor. 
  Not an entire user experience.

Rumor has it that C-c C-o C-f C-f C-e C-e instructs emacs to make you a 
cup of coffee. :^

I personally want an editor without all these fancy things:  just syntax 
highlighting for C/C++/Perl/Bash/Tcsh/Fortran/config files, that has 
line numbers, and intelligent wrapping/splitting.  Can run from a GUI. 
Does split windows.

gvim does all these things.  But you have to be very careful typing. 
Because it it vi.

If Komodo had window splitting and intelligent wrapping, it would be good.

I looked at kate, but it requires kde.

pico/nano are ok, but they don't do line numbers, or split windows, or 
intelligent wrapping.


> /me ducks
> -stephen

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