[Beowulf] Re: energy costs and poor grad students

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Thu Jul 10 07:00:24 PDT 2008

Mark Kosmowski wrote:

> I have also decided to upgrade my software to try an eek a little
> speed out of things.  I've done a clean install of OpenSUSE 11.0 using
> KDE 3.5 (I need the GUI for the workstation) and will be installing
> the latest versions of OpenMPI, CPMD, compilers and math libraries.


> Some people on the CPMD list (my primary code at this point - plane
> wave quantum chemistry) suggest fftw as part of the math library
> solution.  I noticed that only fftw 2.1.5 supports MPI, while the
> latest version of the 3.x series does not.  Eventually I will be
> running large jobs and may need to go back to a cluster, so I'm
> interested in keeping my code MPI-ready and running two processors
> that way.  I will likely use the ACML (AMD math library) for the
> functionality not provided by fftw.  I am uncertain whether I will use
> ifort or gfortran at the moment.  I'd be willing to look at the Sun
> suite.  Other then hopefully a PhD at some point, I am receiving no

Hmmm...  My own tests with the Sun compiler suite about a year to year 
and a half ago suggest it doesn't generate as good code (e.g. fast code) 
as the gnu compilers.  This was true on Solaris 10 and Linux.  Baseline 
RHEL 4 with gcc generated faster code for most of the tests I ran. 
YMMV, but I wouldn't advise going the Sun compiler route unless it 
generates demonstrably better code (and it didn't for me).

> compensation for my research, so ifort is a free option.
> Is fftw 2.1.5 and the latest acml a reasonable combination for speed /
> efficiency or is there a different combination of math libraries that
> stands out for speed?  Is the choice of math library yet another
> instance of the actual application makes a difference on which on is
> fastest?

You may be able to get the Intel MKL on a similar license as the 
compiler, I am not sure.  Check it out.

> Also, is there a recent compiler benchmark somewhere?  The one at
> Polyhedron seems a little dated - the ifort cited is known to have
> issues with the code I use and the Sun compiler is given as 8.x when
> 12.x is available now.  If I break down and decide to run my own
> benchmarks on actual code are there any restrictions on the free
> versions of ifort and Sun to share the results?

I did tests with gcc, ifort, pgi, and the sun compilers on a particular 
code (HMMer) about 2 years ago.  pgi was the best, followed closely by 
ifort and gcc.  Sun trailed badly.  This was with baseline and maximal 

HMMer is very different than MD though, so YMMV

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