[Beowulf] software for compatible with a cluster

Vernard Martin vernard at venger.net
Wed Jul 2 07:57:43 PDT 2008

Jon Aquilina wrote:
> my idea is more of for my thesis.  if i am goign ot do anything like 
> this.  vernard thanks for the link. whats it like in a cluster 
> environment?
Ah. you are doing it for thesis work. Then money is probably very much a 
limiting factor.

If you just need a renderer then you can try the PVMPOV which is a PVM 
enabled version of POVray (located at http://pvmpov.sourceforge.net) its 
a ray-tracer which is very computationally intensive but has one of the 
largest communities for help out there. It also has support for doing 
animation. There are many free animations that you can use to test it 
and possibly for your thesis as long as you give attribution there.

There is also PVMegPOV and MPI-Povray as well although i'm not as 
personally familiar with them.

Vernard Martin
vcmarti at sph.emory.edu

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