[Beowulf] A press release

Perry E. Metzger perry at piermont.com
Wed Jul 2 07:57:02 PDT 2008

"Robert G. Brown" <rgb at phy.duke.edu> writes:
>> Precisely. It pays to allow people to use what they want. Fewer
>> religious battles that way. Whether one distro or another has an
>> advantage isn't the point -- people have their own tastes and it
>> doesn't pay to tell them "no" without good reason.
> It isn't all about religion.  There are two "real" problems with
> Slackware.  One is its packaging system, the other (related) is
> maintenance.

I wasn't mentioning Slackware. The "major" distros are all pretty
similar in features, but I wouldn't count Slackware that way.


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