[Beowulf] June New York/Jersey HPC users meeting

Tom Pierce thpierce at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 05:07:22 PDT 2008

Dear Dan,

First, you missed a enjoyable meeting with lively discussion, good pub food
and beer. I hope we meet there again in July.

I attended most of the meeting. My memory summarized it:

Sun Grid Engine users were the majority at the meeting ( 60% SGE users, and
40% Torqur/Maui users)

The installations of the two systems are different experiences. With SGE,
you are about "half-done" after you install the system. The installation of
Torque/Maui is more functional right out of the box. Both seem to have
similar functionality when setup.

SGE has Sun developers actively working on it, so the newest versions have
more options.  eg a Flexlm link for license management.

Torque/Maui is open source, and has not been modified as often as SGE has.
Altho cpusets, similar to SGE cpusets, have recently been added.

Torque/Maui has commercial upgrades to Torque/Moab for large sites, or
people who want paid support. (and Moab
supports Flexlm license management).

There seem to be more installations of Torque/Maui than there are of SGE,
but that was just a discussion of perceptions.
However, the history of PBS, up through Torque, means that there are a great
many PBS scripts on the internet for job
submissions of HPC applications.

The discussion of MPI interfaces was ongoing. Neither system seemed to have
an advantage. Torque has the OSC mpiexec script and SGE has some builtin
hooks for MPI. The discussions mentioned Openmpi, LAM, MPICH, GM and no
obvious resolution that one system was more functional or easier than the
other for MPI codes.

At the end, I would call it a "draw".  Torque/Maui easier to setup and lots
of examples vs SGE flexibility and Flexlm license mgt.


Daniel.Roberts at sanofi-aventis.com wrote:

Anyone have minutes or conclusions to offer from this scheduler smack

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If you live or work in the New York/North Jersey Metropolitan area, mark
your calender for this Thursday, June 19th.

The NYCA-HUG (New York City Area HPC Users Group) will be trying to
answer the ultimate question Torque or Sun Grid Engine? We will be
discussing the pros/cons of each scheduler for HPC clusters.
Come and add your experiences, wants, and rants.
Then you decide.
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