[Beowulf] A press release

Prentice Bisbal prentice at ias.edu
Tue Jul 1 10:20:32 PDT 2008

Mark Hahn wrote:
>>> We have our own stack which we stick on top of the customers favourite
>>> red hat clone. Usually Scientific Linux.
>> does it necessarily have to be a redhat clone. can it also be a debian
>> based
>> clone?
> but why?  is there some concrete advantage to using Debian?
> I've never understood why Debian users tend to be very True Believer,
> or what it is that hooks them.

And the Debian users can say the same thing about Red Hat users. Or SUSE
users.  And if any still exist, the Slackware users could say the same
thing about the both of them. But then the Slackware users could also
point out that the first Linux distro was Slackware, so they are using
the one true Linux distro...

If you want to have a religious war about which distro to use, go
somewhere else. I'm sure there are plenty of mailing lists and
newsgroups where I'm sure that happens every day.

This is a mailing list about beowulf clusters, and the last time I
checked, you can create clusters using any Linux distribution you like,
or even non-Linux operating systems, such as IRIX, Solaris, etc.


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