[Beowulf] open mosix alternative

Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Tue Jul 1 06:14:38 PDT 2008

Jon Aquilina wrote:
> does anyone know an altenative to openmosix?? would it be worth reviving 
> the development of the kernel?

Hello, Jonathan.

I'm still running openMosix (linux-2.4.26-om1) and I did have an attempt 
at porting it to the 2.4.32 kernel so I could use SATA disks, but I 
couldn't get process migration to work. My deb's for rebuilding the 
openMosix kernel under Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS are at:


We are currently evaluating Kerrighed as an alternative:


Kerrighed also forms the basis of 'XtreemOS':


Although Kerrighed looks very promising, it is also quite fragile in our 
hands. If one node crashes, you lose the entire cluster. That said, the 
Kerrighed project is extremely well supported and I believe it will be a 
good alternative in the near future. We will continue to run openMosix 
in the short-term, but I may evaluate MOSIX2:


I was, previously, opposed to Mosix on idealogical grounds and loyal to 
Moshe Bar but to be fair to Mosix is now free for non-profit use and the 
source code is available (but not GPL).

Please let me know if you are seriously considering reviving openMosix!

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