[Beowulf] Any Slurm experts out there?

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Thu Jan 24 15:39:49 PST 2008

> Are there any Slurm experts out there? I'm playing with Slurm
> for the first time and need some help converting PBS scripts to
> Slurm scripts.

I've gotten pretty familiar with slurm, but otoh I'm opposed to job scripts,
and normally use slurm "inline".

(I strongly believe that the queueing system should be a prefix to the 
user's command, as if they were running it directly.  ie:
 	sqsub -o outlog ./myserialprog
 	sqsub -o outlog -i in -e err --mail -q mpi -n 32 -N 8 ./mpihello --verbose

that sort of thing.  maybe this drives our users nuts, and they're just 
hankering to screw around with pesky little scripts.  donno.  it drives me 
crazy when some user discovers that we haven't gotten around to removing 
the PBS compatibility commands that LSF supplies.  the problem is that LSF
then records the literal content of the PBS script as the job's command.
and that means that our unified sql db of all jobs have garbage for some 
jobs, rather than a meaningful string that hints at being nwchem, blast,

sorry for the peeve-venting, but thanks for the opportunity ;)

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