[Beowulf] fast disks for fluent

Jeffrey B. Layton laytonjb at charter.net
Wed Jan 23 08:31:45 PST 2008

andrew holway wrote:
> hi,
> We were thinking of using tempfs to make fast scratch disks for 
> fluent. Has anyone done this or any other method to ease the disk 
> bottleneck.

Can you describe the problem you are running? If it's not something
like an LES, time accurate, or unsteady problem, then the IO requirements
are minimal (compared to the run time). But if it's one of these problems,
then IO can be a bottleneck. If this is the case, can you describe the
hardware you are using, the problem size, the number of cores (nodes)
you are using, etc. Then we (the list) can look at some options for you.

The next version of Fluent (call it 6.4 for the sake of argument) will
have parallel IO capability (MPI-IO). It's going to be tuned for several
specific parallel storage systems, but should work for other systems.
The IO improvements are really good if you have large problems,
not so much for smaller problems.


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