[Beowulf] Vendor/Distributor for customized ethernet cables?

Carsten Aulbert carsten.aulbert at aei.mpg.de
Wed Jan 23 01:43:42 PST 2008


we need a few thousand cables (mix of Cat5e and/or Cat6) but I have a 
very hard time finding a distributor which can offer me other lengths 
than the "standard European" .5, 1.0 and 2.0m.

But I need cables with various lengths, about half of the cables ranging 
from 50 to 100cm and the other half from 50 to 200cm.

Thus my question, are you willing to share your secret with me where to 
buy those cables in other lengths and with acceptable time frames, i.e. 
only a few weeks instead of 6 week lead time plus 1-6 weeks delivery 
depending on air or ship freight?

Please reply either on the list or privately, whatever you prefer. 
Companies form within the EU or North America are preferred.

Thanks a lot


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