[Beowulf] who is buying those $200 PCs from wal-mart?

Geoff geoff at galitz.org
Sun Jan 20 10:40:50 PST 2008

Am 15.11.2007, 19:55 Uhr, schrieb Jim Lux <James.P.Lux at jpl.nasa.gov>:

> That dissatisfaction is among the small subset of consumers who read  
> Slashdot or this list or who write for and read those magazines.  For  
> them Vista is a pain.

Just my $.02 worth... even me for Vista is not a pain.  I use it in my  
work to run VMware workstation so I can write and test the tools needed to  
manage my clusters.  I use putty to connect to them, deploy my tools and  
use them.  The $200 PC would surely be underpowered to run something like  
VMware Workstation but it does mean that genuine real work can happen on  
that platform... just not running 3 or 4 VM's at once like I do.

Running a single VM for that kind of work would be ok, I think.  At my old  
lab we had about a dozen boxes whose purpose was to prepare jobs for  
cluster submission.  No compilation was required, it was all defining  
parameters and visualization.

There is definitely room for these lower power machines in the universe.   
Even if they do run Vista.


Geoff Galitz, geoff at galitz.org
Blankenheim, Deutschland

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