[Beowulf] Using LSF

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Wed Feb 20 19:55:15 PST 2008

> submit the jobs through a job scheduler (LSF in this case). We used the
> machinefile option with mpirun to order the nodes on which the processes has
> to be started.
> But i am not able to do this with the current setup where LSF is used for
> scheduling and SLURM for resource management.
> I have tried a few of the options like using the -m options to bsub for
> specifying the preference and so on. But of no success.

this sounds like our HP-XC systems.  but I'm a bit mystified:
you can get the node assignment from LSF, and then use srun -m hostfile
to force slurm to set up the rank-node mappings as you like.
(note: not -m to LSF.)  did you try that?

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