[Beowulf] JVM Clustering

C. Bergström cbergstrom at netsyncro.com
Wed Feb 20 13:01:32 PST 2008

Hi all..

First post to the list so lets hope I get this right...

With the recent discussion about the relatively low cost of SDR IB it
made me wonder if I could solve these two very broad goals

1) Distributed jvm to run very large reports/statistical analysis
2) load balancing/hpc type solution for the app container

Based on my initial searching online I've found jessica2 [1] which seems
to solve the most difficult parts, but certainly open to
ideas/suggestions on better approaches.  I'm also somewhat familiar with
tc (terracotta) which will mostly do what I need. (When active-active
support comes out later this year.)  I do feel much more comfortable
merging the C code of jessica2 against the latest version of kaffe a lot
more than trying to debug java bytecode..  Something like jessica2 also
has long term application maintenance benefits over tc.

I'm also interested to hear what others are doing for inexpensive/power
efficient nodes that have pci-e, but this is probably a future

I just want to send a very big and warm thanks to all those that make
this list so great!


[1] http://i.cs.hku.hk/~clwang/projects/JESSICA2.html

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