[Beowulf] Re: High Performance SSH/SCP

Chris Rapier rapier at psc.edu
Mon Feb 18 10:39:33 PST 2008


I'm Chris Rapier, the PI and lead on the HPN-SSH project.

As Ben Bennett said,
> A colleague just pointed me to this thread, I'll try to keep an eye on 
> it if there are any questions, or feel free to contact hpn-ssh at psc.edu

I wanted to address an issue that has been brought up a couple of times. 
Many people have asked when the HPN patches, or a subset of them, will 
be making its way into OpenSSH. Honestly, I really can't tell you. I've 
been trying to work with them for some years now but, for the most part, 
they've declined to incorporate any of the patches we've offered. To be 
perfectly honest, I don't see them taking that step without some greater 
motivation that I can personally provide.

We've never had a desire to fork our code from them. We simply don't 
have the resources something like that would require. Instead we like to 
think of ourselves as gently spooning up against OpenSSH. We'll keep our 
patches available for people and let them make their own choices. In the 
near future we do hope to have some package distributions available for 
easy downloading.

Also, I want to point out that we wrote HPN-SSH for this community. If 
you have any comments, suggestions, or critiques *please* let us know.

Chris Rapier

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