[Beowulf] vmware perfomance

Vernard Martin vernard at venger.net
Fri Feb 15 06:04:51 PST 2008

Frederico Aquino Carneiro wrote:
> Hi! I am new in clustering, and I want to begin with the Beowulf 
> Cluster, but I have one doubt: vmware enjoy the performance of the 
> cluster? I mean, using the Beowulf cluster i will have a better 
> perfomance with the vmware?? Will vmware work faster and better?
to my knowledge, VMWare will not takea advantage of Beowulf clustering 
technologies to run "faster". It might be useful for some sort of 
failover mechanism but in that case, you don't need Beowulf. You can 
just use the VMWare Virtual infrastructure product to give you that 

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