[Beowulf] centos5 as cluster os

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Fri Feb 15 09:45:45 PST 2008

Tim Cutts wrote:

> rpm -qa : lists all installed packages, right?


> dpkg -l

oooooo  (nice!)

> works at the dpkg level, aptitude can do the same thing:
> aptitude search '~i'

ok (I don't like the aptitude "tui").  I wind up using synaptic over X 
which means installing lots more junk :(

> I tend to use aptitude these days, and don't often touch dpkg directly.  
> aptitude's search expressions are odd, but quite powerful, and allow you 
> to do some useful things.  For example, following a sarge to etch 
> upgrade, I wanted to remove all old sarge kernel packages (which are 
> called kernel-image-*), regardless of which sarge package a machine was 
> using, which was easily done with:
> aptitude remove '~i~nkernel-image'
> rpm -ql package : lists files installed by the package, right?
> dpkg -L package

Yahooo!!!! that was one of the important ones!

> rpm -qf file : asks which package supplied a particular file?
> dpkg -S file

Sweet ... but it takes quite a long time.  Weird.

> Other useful Debian/Ubuntu package management commands:
> apt-cache : queries the apt cache, and can report things like dependency 
> information.  For example,

I played with apt-cache.  Not something I really want to see (meta data).

> apt-cache rdepends libfoo
> tells you all the packages which depend on libfoo (installed or otherwise).


> apt-file : not installed by default, but phenomenally useful - it's dpkg 
> -S for stuff that isn't installed yet.  So if you want to ask "what 
> package do I need to install to supply this obscure header file", 
> apt-file can tell you.

Will have to play with it.

> Then of course there's aptitude, which is slowly replacing both apt-get 
> and dselect.

Ok, will have to learn aptitude.  I can't stand its tui.

> Tim

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