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Yes that strayed off topic (somewhat) but since it was some extraordinarily
good prose I have to defend it. Lux's exposition was like a short-course; I
can hardly drive a nail straight, myself, and I disbelieve in any object
smaller than a billiard ball: but having read that, I feel like I could
build a sound-stage in a pinch. Surely the original poster will not have so
much difficulty with accoustics over the short term, but it's certainly
relevant to the readership at large.

RGB certainly digressed, nobody really needs a tesla coil to impress
visitiors. *But that was as good as good science fiction.* It took me a day
before I realized it had made me nostalgic for Doc Smith. Well worth one or
two pages in my life.

I don't believe that every page of every textbook need be as dry as *Principia
Mathematica *(which is virtually all hieroglyphic; it's worth glancing
through a copy, I'm sure they have one on campus there) and surely this
mail-list need not be. I found this recent forking refreshing, educational,
and fun.

Please give my warm regards to Prof. Matlock if you see him about town. Go
Blue Devils :-)


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> This thread has gone horribly off topic. There's more noise about noise
> than there is about the original question.
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