[Beowulf] PVM on wireless...

Bill Rankin wrankin at ee.duke.edu
Thu Feb 7 10:34:37 PST 2008

I think that I managed to replicate your problem, Rob.

Laptop running CentoOS5, pvm 3.4.5-7(rpm), wireless ethernet.
Server running FC6, pvm 3.4.5-7(rpm)

Ssh working fine in both directions, PVM_ROOT and PVM_RSH set  

Running "pvm" from the shell on the server and doing an "add  
<laptop>" at the prompt.
Prompted for password.
PVM then hangs waiting to add remote host.
On the remote host, we see the pvmd running with a "ps".

If I do nothing: the remote pvmd eventually dies and after that the  
command prompt on the server returns with a "1 successful" message,  
but a "conf" command shows that no hosts were added.

Here is the weird part: if after I issue the "add <laptop>" command,  
I then go over to the laptop and run "pvm" from a shell, the  
connection is made and the hosts are successfully added.

So you may want to try this and see if you get similar behavior.

Last datapoint: if from my laptop I attempt to add a host that has  
PVM 3.4.4 (CentOS4 rpm) installed, it starts up fine.  So I think  
that it's a bug in 3.4.5-7.  I haven't tried it over a wired  
connection yet.

So you may want to try dropping back to version 3.4.4 on all machines  
and see if that helps.

Jim Kohl at ORNL seems to have several patches to 3.4.5, and I'm  
wondering if this issue has already been addressed.


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