[Beowulf] Re: PVM on wireless...

Bill Rankin wrankin at ee.duke.edu
Wed Feb 6 15:18:27 PST 2008

I have a home setup similar to yours - a WAP acting as a firewall,  
dhcp from a linux server.  I have a spare laptop running CentOS, so  
I'll give it a check tonight to see if mine runs.

Q1: to you have DHCP giving a static address to your laptop based  
upon it's MAC?

Q2: have you tried this with the PVM 3.4.4 RPMs (I think you  
mentioned you were running 3.4.5)?


> I can literally snap the same box onto a wire, wait for it to get  
> an IP
> number on the wire, and rerun the experiment on the same hardware  
> and it
> works perfectly (with a different but identically entered name, of
> course).  And it is the wireless name that corresponds with the
> `hostname` (in /etc/sysconfig/network), not that this should matter  
> (and
> it doesn't on the wire).

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