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Reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Wed Feb 6 09:33:47 PST 2008


Am 06.02.2008 um 16:40 schrieb Robert G. Brown:

> Anybody on list have any idea why PVM fails to add hosts over a  
> wireless
> link?  I've now tried this over multiple distro version and at  
> least one
> PVM update, and it just doesn't work.  Works fine over a wire,  
> fails on
> wireless, and as far as I know wire and wireless are both "identical"
> at the kernel interface layer so that any e.g. socket one might  
> open is
> absolutely ecumenical about what the underlying hardware is (good old
> ISO/OSI layering, right?).
> And yes, I'm well aware that from a latency/bw point of view this
> arrangement isn't going to be a speed demon or scale terribly well,  
> but
> for testing PVM from a laptop or writing code from a laptop or just
> playing with PVM itself for fun or profit from a laptop it would
> certainly be lovely if it WORKED, however poorly as far as IPCs are
> concerned.
> Yup, tried it one last time.  Locks it right up it does, have to kill
> pvm[d] by hand and hand-remove the lockfiles, just like I did two or
> three years ago...

is the wireless one the primary interface? Maybe a mismatch which  
hostname is used for which interface? Using wireless could be similar  
like using a secondary interface.

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