[Beowulf] PVM on wireless...

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Wed Feb 6 07:40:30 PST 2008

Anybody on list have any idea why PVM fails to add hosts over a wireless
link?  I've now tried this over multiple distro version and at least one
PVM update, and it just doesn't work.  Works fine over a wire, fails on
wireless, and as far as I know wire and wireless are both "identical"
at the kernel interface layer so that any e.g. socket one might open is
absolutely ecumenical about what the underlying hardware is (good old
ISO/OSI layering, right?).

And yes, I'm well aware that from a latency/bw point of view this
arrangement isn't going to be a speed demon or scale terribly well, but
for testing PVM from a laptop or writing code from a laptop or just
playing with PVM itself for fun or profit from a laptop it would
certainly be lovely if it WORKED, however poorly as far as IPCs are

Yup, tried it one last time.  Locks it right up it does, have to kill
pvm[d] by hand and hand-remove the lockfiles, just like I did two or
three years ago...


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