[Beowulf] Re: weather modeling cluster

Particle Boy steve_heaton at exemail.com.au
Fri Feb 1 13:56:48 PST 2008

I'll also recommend the WRF. The WRF EMS kit from STRC at UCAR is a Good 

I got it going quickly and relatively easily without any prior 
experience of large models. Bob R has an entertaining  sense of humour 
(you'll see from the scripts) and was also kind enough to quickly send 
me a starter kit all the way down here to Oz. Great service :)

If your students are looking to tinker with code, I had a lot of fun 
with PUMA:


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> All,
> I'm interested in setting up a open source weather modeling cluster in 
> an educational environment. My existing clusters run chemistry, math and 
> bio applications and I don't know what weather app would be a good 
> choice for a first time effort.  Thanks for any input that may help me 
> get my feet wet...
> Paul

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