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Toon Moene toon at moene.org
Mon Dec 29 11:39:27 PST 2008

[ I can't determine anymore who I'm replying to ... ]

> N.B. the recent MPI class we gave suggested that we need to re-tool it
> to focus more upon Fortran than C.  There was no interest in Java from
> the class I polled.  Some researchers want to use Matlab for their work,
> but most university computing facilities are loathe to spend the money
> to get site licenses for Matlab.  Unfortunate, as Matlab is a very cool
> tool (been playing with it first in 1988 ...) its just not fast.  The
> folks at Interactive Supercomputing might be able to help with this with
> their compiler.

I think you (and they) are waging a "back-end" war.  I have had problems 
for at least a decade with University students being baffled by Fortran 
because they were used to use Matlab.

The tide is turning.  People streaming in from academia into my 
Institute (Dutch Weather Forecasting Centre) now are clever enough to 
overcome the small syntactical differences between the Matlab language 
and Fortran 90+ and just proceed to use the latter, integrating 
flawlessly with our other software.

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