[Beowulf] Hadoop

Gerry Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Sat Dec 27 07:39:44 PST 2008


Thanks for the clarifications.

I'm concerned about the software, but it looks like we'll install Hadoop 
On Demand, as someone has already promised a user we'd do it...  If 
there were serious pitfalls, I might be able to slow it down some, but 
simply inefficient isn't sufficient... we have users writing MPI code 
who daily redefine "inefficient"!

Again, thanks!

Karen Shaeffer wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 26, 2008 at 05:16:04PM -0600, Gerry Creager wrote:
>> The subject line says it all: Hadoop:  Anyone got any experience with it 
>> on clusters (OK, so Google does, but that really wasn't the question, 
>> was it?).
> Hi,
> Google doesn't use Hadoop. Google published some papers on their
> distributed computing environment that they invented. Then some
> Java programmers implemented Hadoop after reading the papers
> published by Google. Hadoop is grossly inefficient, as it is written
> in Java. But it does work. Folks who use Hadoop include Yahoo. I
> believe Amazon uses it as well. If you care about CPU cycles, then
> you really don't want to get involved with Hadoop.
> Karen

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