[Beowulf] Is this the J. Dongarra of Beowulf fame?

Kyle Spaans kspaans at student.math.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Dec 24 18:13:14 PST 2008

Personally, as a 20-year-old enthusiast of beowulfish interests, I've only heard of
Mr. Dongarra twice. First from a Swedish mathematics grad student in the #fortran IRC
channel, talking about the FORTRAN legacy that Dongarra left behind with NETLIB code.
In particular his coding style was mentioned. Secondly I've heard of Prof (I suppose I
should say Prof) Dongarra through an Ottawa University professor that I conversed with
about FORTRAN related exploits. (The professor is a Prof. Nash, of statistics, from
the University of Ottawa.)

Take that as you will, but for me it only means that Prof. Dongarra is only
tengentially related to beowulf through NETLIB FORTRAN code. And thusly, probably is
not a ``mad scientist'' of beowful fame.   ;-)

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