[Beowulf] CFP for special issue of Journal of Grid Computing on desktop grids and volunteer computing

Derrick Kondo dkondo at lri.fr
Sun Dec 7 12:09:45 PST 2008

Journal of Grid Computing
Special issue on desktop grids and volunteer computing
Submission deadline:  January 31, 2009
Web site: http://mescal.imag.fr/membres/derrick.kondo/cfp_jogc.htm

The Journal of Grid Computing will publish a special issue
on Volunteer Computing and Desktop Grids.

Desktop grids and volunteer computing systems (DGVCS's)
utilize the free resources available in Intranet or Internet
environments for supporting large-scale computation and

For over a decade, DGVCS's have been one of the largest and
most powerful distributed computing systems in the world,
offering a high return on investment for applications from a
wide range of scientific domains (including computational
biology, climate prediction, and high-energy
physics). Recently, the FOLDING at home project broke the
PetaFLOPS barrier with 41,145 Sony PS3 participants. While
DGVCS's sustain up to PetaFLOPS of computing power from
hundreds of thousands to millions of resources, fully
leveraging the platform's computational power is still a
major challenge because of the immense scale, high
volatility, and extreme heterogeneity of such systems.

The purpose of this special issue is to focus on recent
advances in the development of scalable, fault-tolerant, and
secure DGVCS's.

As such, we invite submissions on DGVCS topics including
(but not limited to) the following:

     * DGVCS middleware and software infrastructure
     (including management), with emphasis on virtual
     * incorporation of DGVCS's with Grid infrastructures
     * DGVCS programming environments and models
     * modeling, simulation, and emulation of large-scale,
      volatile environments
     * resource management and scheduling
     * resource measurement and characterization
     * novel DGVCS applications
     * data management (strategies, protocols, storage)
     * security on DGVCS's (reputation systems, result
     * fault-tolerance on shared, volatile resources

Submission Deadline
31 January 2009
Early submission encouraged

Special Issue Editors
Derrick Kondo
derrick.kondo :: inria.fr

Ad Emmen
The Netherlands
emmen :: genias.nl

Peter Kacsuk
Ian Foster

Submission Details
Manuscripts formatted along the
guidelines for authors of the Journal of Grid Computing must
be submitted online by 31 January 2009.

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