[Beowulf] Newbie Question: Racks versus boxes and good rack solutions for commodity hardware

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Mon Dec 15 13:19:29 PST 2008

On Mon, 15 Dec 2008, Andrew M.A. Cater wrote:

> 12V will weld a wedding ring to pretty much anything - or produce an
> effective amputation with ready made diathermy to seal up the wound :(

Yeah, but it's wussy.  I learned about electricity at age 2 by putting a
bobby pin into a 120VAC socket with my bare fingers.

120V will turn a hairpin white hot and vaporize/burn it faster than a
fuse can blow!



(Who has narrowly dodged, lessee, one, two, three, maybe four Darwins of
his own over the years... until I learned to be properly scared:-)

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