[Beowulf] Rear-door heat exchangers and condensation

Bill Sellers william.a.sellers at nasa.gov
Fri Dec 12 11:53:31 PST 2008

John Hearns wrote:
> 2008/12/12 Huw Lynes <lynesh at cardiff.ac.uk <mailto:lynesh at cardiff.ac.uk>>
>     That's the bit of information I was missing. I'd assumed the
>     entire door
>     swung out as one losing all cooling when you work on the rack. The
>     stable-door approach makes more sense.
>     I still like our APC contained hot-aisle system though.
> Horses for course, Huw. (*)
> SGI did an install in Ireland where they have the IRU chassis mounted 
> vertically, in those same APC racks.
> Seemingly it works quite well - the drawback is that you get three 
> IRUs per rack rather than four.
> But I guess with the APC racks being narrower you do not lose out that 
> much as you get more racks
> per aisle. I must measure this up actually.
> (*) Come on. Its Friday. We have a "race condition" in another thread. 
> Let the horsey puns flow.

We have had the SGI water cooled doors here for some time now.  They are 
very effective.  Early models had issues with condensation pooling under 
the rack and general pipe sweating, but newer models have drains.  Our 
facility has plenty of chilled water, so this solution made sense.  I 
wouldn't recommend such a system for a single 19" rack.  There is quite 
a bit of plumbing involved and without an economy of scale, it wouldn't 
make sense to me.




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