[Beowulf] Inside Tsubame - the Nvidia GPU supercomputer - OpenCL

Jeff Layton laytonjb at att.net
Fri Dec 12 07:33:11 PST 2008

John Hearns wrote:
> 2008/12/12 Loic Tortay <tortay at cc.in2p3.fr <mailto:tortay at cc.in2p3.fr>>
>     If I'm not mistaken, the "Tsubame" cluster was initially using
>     Clearspeed accelerators (in Sun X4600 "fat" nodes).
>     Therefore, they probably have appropriate programs that need little
>     adaptation (or less than many) to work on the GPUs.
> Emmmm.... I'm no expert on Clearspeed, but AFAIK Clearspeeds selling 
> point is that the cards run standard maths library functions - ie. you 
> just 'drop in' a compatible maths library and the card gets given the 
> computations to do.
> This is not the same model as GPU programming.

Yes and No. There are libraries for CUDA for BLAS
and FFT's. Clearspeed has this as well.


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