[Beowulf] Inside Tsubame - the Nvidia GPU supercomputer - OpenCL

Florent Calvayrac-Castaing Florent.Calvayrac at univ-lemans.fr
Fri Dec 12 03:05:56 PST 2008

Eugen Leitl wrote:
> http://www.goodgearguide.com.au/article/270416/inside_tsubame_-_nvidia_gpu_supercomputer?fp=&fpid=&pf=1
> Inside Tsubame - the Nvidia GPU supercomputer
> Tokyo Tech University's Tsubame supercomputer attained 29th ranking in the
> new Top 500, thanks in part to hundreds of Nvidia Tesla graphics cards.


I understand why, when I submitted a joint exploratory project
about GPU computing two years ago with a Japanese
colleague we were ranked first in Japan and last in France ; the
idea seems more popular in Japan if they can fork  millions
on an architecture it is not very quick to program for (at least
maybe not as fast as Moore's law is increasing power).

By the way, has anyone on the list any idea on
the prospects of Apple's OpenCL ?

We just have started working seriously on CUDA but maybe it is time
to change for something more open and maybe easier to program with.

PS : I hope this message gets approved to the list ; I had
a few rejected messages in the past but when I read the
recent drivel I can't help wonder on some  mysteries of

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