[Beowulf] Re: Rear-door heat exchangers and condensation

Michael Huntingdon hunting at ix.netcom.com
Thu Dec 11 22:09:10 PST 2008

...or rather than worry about door perforation, you make sure you've looked
at solutions that take advantage of the best hw/sw currently available.
Today it really is not just about cooling a group of 1u systems or a single
hptc cabinet. Today maybe you know you need two densely populated cabinets.
But you also know your requirements will double or maybe triple a year from
now. You're in math, and you know the same applies to CSE and chemistry.
Let's not forget physics, and oh, by the way, campus central computing wants
to bring it all together, manage and maintain it for you. Sound familiar? 
they offering to manage your fans or your rear door heat exchangers?
If so, they and/or you are in big trouble.

Seems as though it's about how you most effectively/efficiently cool each
cabinet in concert with the rest of your cabs (systems, storage, networking)
and technology in the data center.  There are engineering groups that do
little more than eat/sleep/drink this stuff, so let me know if you are
seriously interested in talking about how to bring all the technologies
together necessary to manage the environmental requirements of your densely
architected stand alone cluster, or clusters of clusters within a data


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>> why do you have doors on your rack?  normally, a rack is filled with
>> servers with fans that generate the standard front-to-back airflow.
>> that means that you want no doors, or at least only high-perf mesh ones.
> Sometimes a server which is off is too hot to turn on, thanks to its
> neighbors. One way to solve that is to have fans in the rack back
> door. But these days it's hard to get enough airflow unless the entire
> door is perforated, which makes fans in the door useless.
> -- greg
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