[Beowulf] Tesla systems in Germany?

John Hearns hearnsj at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 10 03:11:08 PST 2008

2008/12/10 Steffen Grunewald <steffen.grunewald at aei.mpg.de>

> Cluster with high core count: this would give the opportunity to do stupid
> things on the "several hundreds" scale, but not speed up the single stupid
> thing.
Steffen, if I'm not wrong you have just restated Amdahl's Law.

> > As Vincent says, you need to look at what the code is before hitting the
> "I
> > need Cuda" button.
> Sometimes the approach to "throw enough money at a problem, and it will
> resolve itself" is the easier one, compared with the need to power-up your
> brains :(
> Thanks for your patience,

No problem. Sounds to me actually like you need to encourage some code
before saying that any particular machine is the answer to this one.
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