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Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Wed Dec 10 03:08:37 PST 2008

On Dec 10, 2008, at 9:21 AM, stephen mulcahy wrote:

> Vincent Diepeveen wrote:
>> Maybe some decades from now all power per flop wasting  
>> supercomputers will be located in India.
>> In the long run, they're the only ones on the planet who can  
>> afford the energy real cheap,
>> and supercomputers usually burn a lot more power per gflop than  
>> they should, power6 up to factor 10.
> Iceland have energy literally pumping out of the ground - if they  
> can sort out their connectivity to the US and Europe I think  
> they'll quickly become the data centre to the world. Okay, they  
> have some minor issues with seismic activity to deal with but you  
> can't win em all.

Now in iceland, i was there not so long ago, i won't say i saw the  
credit crisis come when i was there. That would be a bit overoptimistic.

But realize it's just a fishers society with some sheep on the rocky  
(vulcano) ground and people living at high american standards driving
around in jeeps with huge wheels as there are no roads. There is in  
total around 300k inhabitants there. Buying a hamburger there always
was a big ripoff for tourists (i paid for a simple meal 15 euro or  
so), as everything gets imported to the island.

So the industry that eats 90+% of all energy isn't there.

Forget the idea of energy centrals the use heat from the underground.  
That's just to keep happy the environmental lobby
which is bad in doing math. See below.

These energy centrals are very expensive and the biggest and most  
expensive one produces a
factor 40 less than what a normal nuclear reactor produces for a  
cheap price. Additionally a nuclear reactor for sure can produce
coming 25 years whereas digging in the underground always is  
complicated and unsure business.

Additionally there is going to be a new treaty within EU about CO2  
reduction. Idea is to reduce 20% CO2 or so the coming years.
Industry that can compete gets exempted from the treaty. Basically  
that's all industry, on paper that's 96% of all industry now,
and i do not know why the other 4% were so stupid to not ask for an  
exception, maybe there application is still 4 layers down some
office desk.

Anyway the energy centrals are not excepted from this treaty, so CO2  
reduction it will be for them.

So these nuclear reactors will get built massively coming years and  
India can build most nuclear reactors of us all at a cheap price and  
keep producing cheap there forever.

Unlike Europe they probably do not have a '25 year limit' in which an  
energy central must pay itself back after which it
has to get destroyed; practical there is a big need for energy so it  
still keeps producing for the coming 100 years.

If each scientific commission of each nation is on its own deciding  
what type of nuclear reactor gets built,
it's gonna be a watercooled reactor (very safe and cheap),
which burns up the worldwide stockpile of easily extractable pile of  
uranium quickly,
as the amount of reactors that's gonna get built in Europe is gonna  
be for sure more than tesla has
stream processors.

It is obvious that replacing these centrals by nuclear centrals is  
the only manner for energy industry to reduce CO2.

Meanwhile when economy is going to boom again in Europe, of course  
Germany is going to use even more
coals for industry (the 96% that falls in the exemption), so a year  
or 10 from now of course from the original plans to reduce CO2 output
will be a joke of course. Be happy if it didn't double by 2018.

In either case, it's good news for Australian export.


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